The Journey Begins

The first part of the journey is the excitement of the preparation, right? Well – a month out and it’s feeling like there has been a little too much excitement and not enough preparation. 

Come what may though, on 4th May  – Bike (she is yet to be named) and I climb aboard a plane bound for Tashkent.

uzbekistan-1468911_1920 (1)

 I head off to meet Adrienne, a friend, cycle tourist and fabulous weaver who will be sharing this journey with me – in what promises to be an epic 100 days through the ‘Stans’! (We are meeting in Seoul then start and finish our ride in Tashkent, Uzbekistan). We have 100 days to pedal a few thousand  kilometres across Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and hopefully Tajikistan too. 

So this is my bike – she’s a Vivente World Randoneur Gibb model – I need help naming her – feel free to make suggestions – and the reasoning behind it 🙂

She is of course a lot cleaner and a lot lighter than she will be in the weeks and months ahead.

And this is Adrienne on our first shared adventure, in NZ late last year.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton ……we look forward to you keeping us company

25 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. On a long bike journey your bike becomes almost a part of you, so you could call your Vivente “Wee Wendy”. Paul.


  2. Hi Wendy, thanks for the link to this blog and I look forward to following you guys on the adventure! Peddle well xxox Anna


  3. To Adrienne, found your blog and wish you oh so well up there in the sky. May your “down to earth fly just as High’


    1. Hi Jan, greetings from Seoul. Heading for the airport after a wonderful stopover here. Found a wastelands to wander in where we saw veges growing in the dust, heard birds,and skipped over soft spongy dry at the moment potential swamp. Eventually returned to the central
      Park where we wandered from sculpture to sculpture. We should get the DDC to come visit and see what public art can do. It’s a very “sculptural “ city. Songdo international city. Not sure but a city/ suburb. Off now to Tashkent. Still feels surreal. Hope you enjoy the towels. Adrienne


      1. Towels are wonderful. Think I’d love a whole table-cloth! I shall think of you whenever I look at them. Take care and believe girls can do “anything”. Jan


  4. Lucky people – on your way – I’m still panicking about getting it into the weight allowance!

    Yee hah spin them pedals.



  5. Oh ’tis just so wonderful!! What super pics you are posting. The designs are just so beautiful! How much more they must be in reality. Go well….. Jan


  6. Ashamed I am to admit that I have only just caught up with your wanderings. It has taken almost a most entertaining hour to get through your adventures and wonderful photos. After 36 hours of rain up here in N. England I am most envious of those blue skies. Go well people.Terry


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