Next stop Tashkent!

Countdown is well and truly here! We take off tomorrow morning and arrive in Tashkent Sunday eve.

If you’re like me – you probably only have vague idea of where each of the Stans are. They were of course part of USSR until 1991. I’ve included a map of the region just so you start to get your bearings. So our vague plan – is Uzbekistan the Kazakh then Kyrgy then Tajikistan. Given the distances involved it will at best be dipping our toes in the water …with just a taste of each country, whetting our appetite for future adventures.

That’s a lot of ground to cover by bike in 100 days!

So for next few weeks we’ll be cycling along the old silk road through Uzbekistan, hopefully taking in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. It sounds remote and isolated but there’s 30 million people living there with a population density of more than 22 times that of Australia. Like all the Stans the dominant religion is Islam, so we’re destined for some absolutely stunning mosques. It is a police state that’s harshly governed, but don’t panic Mum, everyone also says it is an extremely friendly country with hospitality part of every day life.

Samarkand – that should be about week 2 – Plan A

So the bike(s) are packed – and yes my bike has a name! Adrienne will be on her Thorn, which is well worn in but also has some new equipment to make this journey just a little bit simpler. There were so many great names for my bike – and I had to test a few out as I rode along Vivien, (drawing from French and Latin alive, live), Wee Wendy (am sure bike and I will soon become one), Petal (a play on pedal of course,) Olga (Russian princess), Peri (as in peripatetic), Blackbird (flying along), Arash (Persian for bright arrow), Roshni (Persian for shining) and that’s just a sample.

At the end of the day it felt like the bike chose her own name.. Peri , so we’ll see if that sits right and sticks as we travel along.

Tashkent – a mix of old….

..and new

So now its just final packing – passports and then sitting back closing our eyes and landing into 100 days in the Stans. See you there.

It is amazing what fits in panniers – though may leave some bits behind as think food will be the priority!

Everything is packed, Peri in her box and that mess above now neatly organised in multiple packing cells. We’ll see how long that order lasts 🙂

22 thoughts on “Next stop Tashkent!

  1. You’re highly organised of course and about to enjoy a most wonderful tour. Do hope it all goes according to plan and that it enables you to explore these exotic places! Stay safe!


  2. Someone sounds excited :-))))… Love those packing cells. Sending our very very best wishes and love for a spectacular Stans trip, We really are hanging out to hear about your day to day adventures, love from Karen and Nes to you both xxxx


    1. How could anyone not love a packing cell? 😉. Yes very excited – think children and Christmas Eve. Need to go to bed soon as have a very early rise but not sure how much sleep will be happening 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


  3. Woohoo Wen !! and thanks for the map. Btw – have you got the Russian word for vegetarian?
    Like the others, I’m really looking forward to updates – and also know that sometimes lack of reception might keep us waiting a few days. Travel safe both of you and wonderful adventures. Xx


    1. I think the Russian word for vegetarian may be cabbage. But I also keep remembering that link you sent me about food tours in Uzbekistan-including vegetarian food – so I am optimistic 😁 xx


  4. Not sure what happened to my post – so this will be brief.
    Wonderful and safe adventures to you both.
    Do you know the Russian word for vegetarian ??
    Lots of love, dc xx


  5. I had to look up peripatetic Wendy gillett so I’ve learned something already from your Stan sojourn. How incredibly exciting! Looking forward to updates. Xx


  6. Good times Wende/Adrienne Safe travels. If trucks are a problem move right off road when you see them coming. Thanks for your blog -it’s terrific Lots and lots of love papa


  7. Wendy, amazing pics and insightful stories along the way. The generosity and kindness if strangers is astounding sometimes. Pedal well! Kt x


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