The meeting of minds while Seoul searching

It was just an overnight, a stopover, an accidental visit as it were… but somehow it wedged itself into our now collective psyche.

A city that celebrates water, things that live in it, that ride above it. Fish big and small, boats, bridges all adding life to an otherwise oft barren concrete landscape.

Fish leaping the bow
Bow the beauty or is that beauty to the bow
A city of bridges and paper flowers

Old and new juxtaposed in deliberate elegance and with an equal celebration of the value of each.

Faces of past and future if we are wise
Solar wisdom

Water, the mix of old and new, of music and art, the use of otherwise waste land and particularly the way it all wove together made Seoul a place very worthy of attention.

Someone took a leaf out of Beethoven’s book

So we met In Seoul – of course meeting should’ve been easy but we were destined for separate hotels – first mini challenge overcome – with the help of Lucy – a Seoul local and fabulous advocate we were able to ensure we were allocated to the same hotel.

Next it was pillow pick up- courtesy the wonderful Vanessa – all the way from Perth – to Seoul via Melbourne and Paddy Palin. Thankfully it was V not us who navigated the subway lines and found her way to our hotel. (Big thanks 🙏🏽)

So we squeezed quite a bit in in our less than 24 hr adventure. The pace will no doubt slow down soon.

First days coming soon …

6 thoughts on “The meeting of minds while Seoul searching

  1. Keep them coming Wens. BTW – I too appreciated the map! The other night we watched Joanna Lumley going through some of the ‘Stans and I was blown away! You have some amazing sites and adventures ahead!
    Pedal safe gals!


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