Early daze

We often think a journey begins when we board a plane (or ship or train or car) but perhaps it really begins when we arrive, body mind and spirit at our destination.

We arrived – bike boxes intact, along with the rest of the luggage. But it took a while for a minds to catch up. Within our first hour we had left a passport behind – thankfully a helpful soul had found us before we even noticed the passport was gone nor had we gone too far.

Like many places, negotiating the cost of a ride often takes longer than the ride itself. So after much discussion with a growing crowd of curious men we squeezed 2 bike boxes and Adrienne into a car not much bigger than a mini. I took the other car đźš— – also small with the rest of the luggage. The ride was akin to a police chase, high speed, weaving in and out of traffic, veering at speed across lanes and in tunnels and fearing death. We both separately had visions of joining Princess Di. Thankfully bikes, Adrienne and I all arrived safe and sound and within minutes of each other.

Home for a few days

The architecture is a real mix of style, both functional and astonishing

One of many beautiful majits (mosques)
In addition to the majits there are also medressa – schools of religion

First impressions? Uzbeks are warm, friendly, generous and always keen to help. So generous at times you feel like you have been kidnapped. Yesterday we stopped for a rest from the day’s heat while searching for fuel for our camp stove. We were asked if we wanted to try some local food. Munisa – a local woman who was sitting in the same place we stopped – bought us food to try ( thankfully not meat) a lemony yoghurt and rice – surprisingly good and cooling on a hot day. Hours later we were still flying around in her family car along with husband, son and husbands brother all in search of fuel. We were finally driven home, fuel in hand and also given bread to take home. Today we went to Munisa’s school for a meet and greet.

The wonderful Munisa
QnA with Australia and New Zealand
We had both students and teachers wanting to join us on our travels

Each day there has been a new story of hospitality and warmth.

Misha our local baker showed us how he make bread, placing each loaf (that word doesn’t seem right for the beautifully crafted bread he makes) on the wall and roof of the oven.

Misha at work
Inside the oven
The gift

In addition to the people, there’s the markets, wonderful displays of dried fruits, fresh spices that waft their perfume throughout the market air, bread of every shape and size and more.

Dried fruits
Intricately designed bread baskets
Amazingly fresh spices
It’s strawberry season!

Of course our plan was to get about everywhere on our bikes but it thankfully took a few days before we put them together. So instead we had the opportunity to experience the subways. Wow – each one different, each one a different shade of spectacular.

I can’t remember if the station but I won’t forget the ceiling
Despite the other photos – yes their were other commuters

So we’ve wandered the streets by foot, by subway and today by bike. That’s right we are finally back on two wheels. The wanderings have been delightful but now it’s time to hit the road jack.

Lots of construction on our wanderings
And beautiful buildings
Peri on her way to completion
The final touches
And we’re ready to roll
So much stunning colour …

Tomorrow we’re off to Samarkand – so will be off the air for a few days. We’re both looking forward to being on the road, sleeping in the tents and just being out of the city – even though it’s been wonderful. See you soon

13 thoughts on “Early daze

  1. Hello Wendy !!
    Plaisir de lire et voir d’aussi bonnes nouvelles de toi. Tu es vraiment une incroyable nana.
    Prends soin de toi. Sois prudente. Et aussi ton amie.
    On est auprès de toi. On t’embrasse très fort


  2. Oh Wendy, how amazing! It looks like you have met some wonderful people already, such generosity and curiosity. Stay safe and enjoy xx


  3. An amazing start to your epic!! All tbis and you weren’t even treadling yet!! Love the photos! Happy Daze!!!


  4. Sounds wonderful! I especially loved your visit to the school. Looking forward to hearing of the land and the people and the places outside the city.


  5. Hi Wendy & Adrienne,
    Fantastic pictures and great story! Keep it coming!! Happy biking and take care!!!
    From Annelies


  6. Hi Wendy,
    You are doing a great job of bringing us along on your adventure. Great Pics and story telling. Stay safe. Am sooo jealous 🙂


  7. Hi Adrienne and Wendy
    What an exciting adventure you are having already. Will look forward to the biking stories. Happy biking. Annette


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